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  • STF HOLIDAY FIT TIP #5 from Coach Joe

    #5 Have an Athletic event or goal in your near future.
    I personally registered for a weightlifting competition a month from now. I'm training hard for this and really don't want to show up and find out I am .5lbs over my weight class! So whether it's a local competition, a 5k holiday race, a winter fundraising hike, or a tennis or pickle ball match --- having a specific date set in the near future where you need to perform can be huge. When everyone around you is eating cookies and egg eggnog those 3+ miles will be in the back of your head whispering the right decisions. Coach Joe, OUT. ....

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  • STF HOLIDAY FIT TIP #4 from Coach Trish (credit for this one goes to our awesome members!)

    Do you like to drink during the holidays?

    Alcohol is one of the BIGGEST reasons that the average weight gain over the Holidays is 15 POUNDS (Thanksgiving through the new year). So, what's a girl or guy to do?
    Now I don't drink myself but one of the best holiday tips I've heard in a while, is actually from TWO of our fabulous members - Nancy and Natalie - and that is this: Glass of Sparkling Water (any kind )+ a splash of wine, and maybe even a splash of cranberry juice.
    Genius! You get to indulge with a slight mock-tail, sip WAY less calories, and still be able to function the next day. BOOM! Best holiday tip ever, I hope you use it! Coach Trish, OUT. ....

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  • STF HOLIDAY FIT TIP #3 from Coach Zack

    Make sure that no matter what is going on you do your best to stay in a routine.
    Making sure that you keep the same routine from the time you wake up to getting into the gym, all of it is very important to staying on track during the holidays! For example no matter what day is it, whether an active recovery day, day off work, my birthday, or Christmas Day, I always wake up at 5:00am. I have my cup of coffee and toast with peanut butter while I read a little bit and do 10 minutes of ROMWOD. It starts my day on a positive note and allows me to get things done while still having plenty of time left in the day. Then its off to the gym to workout in some capacity. Either a WOD or just ....

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  • STF HOLIDAY FIT TIP #2 from Coach Joe

    #2 Don't get sick.
    Sometimes we forget that the flu throwing a wrench in your training is NOT an unavoidable part of winter. It's cold, your in-laws' kids are sneezing on you, and the news keeps saying this is the worst season in decades. I get it. But there are things you can do for your immune system besides wearing a medical mask at the Christmas party... Eat your veggies.
    Getting your essential vitamins and minerals is important if you want your body to fight off sickness with ease. For example, what I do is every morning I roll out of bed and chug a shake with lemon juice, ginger, green tea and whatever fruit/veggie i feel like blending that day. S
    kip the sugar and ....

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    #1 Flood your social media with fitness.
    Seeing Matt Fraser's or Michael Phelps' posts or whichever athlete excites you; OR seeing Rogue Fitness' posts; OR seeing Kettlebell Kitchen's posts; OR seeing Victoria Secret's posts even...motivates!Oh, and @stfchester! We all scroll way too much these days so, instead of letting social media be a DISTRACTION, put a time limit of 5 mins on your new outlook of MOTIVATIONAL scrolling! Follow the people that you want to be like and start to implement some of the things THEY are doing. Action takers don't just scroll, they hunt for ways to be better! Life's too short to scroll... ....

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    OPPORTUNITY #1 The "Year of Champions" Black Friday Special

    A discount to our current Unlimited or 3x/week VIP 1-year Membership. If you are already a member with us, your current membership will be automatically cancelled; you will return at the end of this discounted 1-year term to a month–to–month agreement at your original (current) membership rate; This purchase is non-refundable. This is Hugely discounted (over a month FREE of charge) so there are limited spots available (6 to be exact)!
    Unlimited Paid in Full: $2,299 (Current Unlimited Membership valued at $219/mo) <<CLICK HERE NOW
    3x/week Paid in Full: $2165 (Current 3x/week ....

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  • DECEMBER's You're-going-to-wanna-do-this-cus-they're-too-good EVENTS!

    December is almost here, and we have big plans! December 7th
    will be our new & unique Wine & WOD
    experience! Come in at 6:45p Friday
    night for a fun partner workout and then enjoy a guided tour around the globe to the world's best orchards!! Okay.. Maybe not. But you will get to sip WINE from around the world while you finish sweating , led by our lovely guest host and your very own sommelier for the evening, Lauren Siegel
    . Cost: $5. Optional: bring your own wine to share and, as always, bring a buddy! Then, December 14th
    is The Ugly Elephant Holiday Party of 2018
    . Don your favoriteugly sweater while we eat, drink and trade gifts with your gym ....

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  • GOBBLER WODler annual FOOD DRIVE & BUDDY event

    It's coming... Nov 19th, 20th and 21st! Any Class Time. We've been running this silly-named event for many years now, and for good reason! The more friends and family we pull in for this event the more food we raise for local families. We've collected 1,000's of canned goods over the years but we won't stop there! This also gives YOU, as a member or challenger, a unique 3-day opportunity to give back and pay it forward - maybe you've been talking to your friends and families about this crazy WOD or ALL OUT class you take at "Strong Together Chester", maybe your family members or friends have noticed a bit of a change in you? Maybe your energy? Maybe your ....

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  • 2018 WODscars Award Winners

    WODscars 2018 was an absolute hit! We are so grateful for all of you, our wonderful members. We wish we could give everyone an award for showing up the way you do daily - ready to work and with a smile! For those of you who missed our event this year, are new to the Strong Together Chester team, below are this year's WODscars 2018 award winners. Give them a HIGH FIVE when you see them in class: MEMBER CHOSEN AWARDS
    Most Improved Male: Rob DeRienzo Most Improved Female: Kiersten Krum Best Dressed: Wayne "Big Daddy" Rice Silent Assassin: Cruz Tlapala Best Couple: Sasha and Mike Bligh Iron Woman: Mallory Bartow Most Helpful: Chris Capone COACH CHOSEN AWARDS
    Will Jump Off a ....

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