Strong Together Open Gym


Train With More Convenience Than Ever Before When You Take Advantage Of Our Open Gym Hours

Are you someone that travels for work on a regular basis? Have family out of town and constantly go back and forth? Are you a shift worker with weird hours? Or simply a fitness fanatic that wants to workout daily!?

Well, here at Strong Together Chester, we want our members to feel as though this is their HOME! Fill out the short form on your screen to learn more!

Why Is Open Gym Right For You? 

Open Gym is a part of all our memberships and is available at any time during business hours. It is a place and time to:

  • Work on skills outside of class to become more proficient in any given movement
  • Get some extra strength work in
  • Stretch or use our mobility equipment
  • Work on our "Skill of the Week"
  • Sweat for 30 minutes on the bike before you hop on a plane and head out for vacation
  • Get that awesome workout in that you missed the week prior

Of course, our STF Group Training classes are where the MAGIC HAPPENS, however, we understand that life can get hectic! Although we offer 43 class times during the week, (we make it as easy as possible to make it in for class!) once in a while, life just takes charge and leaves us by the way-side! By taking advantage of Open Gym and our Member Portal, you'll never skip a beat in training.

Introducing The STF Member Portal

Valued at over $1,000 this training and education portal has anything and everything anyone could be looking for when it comes to fitness and mindset! With hours upon hours of content in our member portal, you'll find:

  • Nutrition education, tips of the pros, and recipe books
  • Written-for-you fitness workouts such as at-home and travel workouts in PDF format
  • Express workout videos that are coach-led and can be watched and followed right on your smartphone
  • How-to videos for movements we use in class
  • Guided Mobility & Stretching videos
  • Articles and videos on Mindset to help you get into a WINNING mindset to attack your fitness head on with no excuses!

This amazing portal is also a part of all our memberships. Contact a Coach for more info, 908-879-0363.

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