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When you first walked through these doors here at Strong Together Chester CrossFit one of your first stops is at the “Core Values and Mission Statement” poster. 

“To educate people on healthy lifetime changes…” we said to you.




Coach Christine here. My story in the smallest nutshell. Volleyball is my jam. I first hurt my back when I was 15. I found CrossFit in 2012. JP made me try it. I cried cause I was awful. I joined a box. CrossFit helps me. I love fitness.


Ive been a member at multiple boxes and tried a slew of different programs over the years. Though not too often, I would still struggle with my back from time to time.
Recently we've change the programming to be more conditioned-biased programming rather than strength-biased programming and I've never felt better. 

I'm strong, yes, but how's my conditioning? How's my mobility? Is my nutrition dialed in? 


The CrossFit pyramid is this. The foundation is NUTRITION. On top of that is Metabolic Conditioning, aka MetCon. Next is Gymnastics, THEN Weightlifting, and lastly Sport. 

Again...nutrition, METCON, gymnastics, WEIGHTLIFTING, sport. With many questions from members who have been with us for years surrounding our "old" vs "new" programming, and why it is the way it is, I thought it crucial to mention where the Sport of CrossFit comes from and why we are where we are today after years of programming experience. Many of you who are new, may not even know we had an old style of programming. What we thought was great at the time, also needed improvement! We are ever changing and are thrilled with the results of our new and improved!


I don't know about you guys but when I build houses in my spare time I make sure the foundation is solid. Then I build on top of it. I layer some plumbing, framing and walls, then some aesthetically pleasing elements like flooring and window fixtures. Then decorations. Honestly, I'd love to skip all the boring stuff and get right to fixtures and decorations. If I do that though, and my foundation isn't solid, then the fixtures will fall and the decorations won't last.


You get where I'm going with this. If you skip all the foundation work and go right to the "fun" stuff, you're doing yourself a disservice and ultimately it won't last. The decorations are sexy. They are satisfying because you can see them. Just like the actual weights you put up on the board. They are SEXY! The barbell told you that you've made progress. But you are only able to see these things because of all the foundation WORK you've put in. You might not be able to measure it simply or see all that insulation you put in the walls to keep you and your family warm, but it's there. 


With this new programming, you are able to build that foundation AND gain strength on top of it. You are properly warmed up and prepared for what you are about to do. You are ready to put 100% effort without worrying if it will affect you negatively the next day. It is, however, up to YOU to put in the WORK. 
I encourage you to watch this video so you can fully understand our mission as far as programming goes.

I hope you understand when we say LIFETIME, we mean it.




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