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What are Macronutrients?

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What are Macronutrients?

Nutrition, Macronutrients, grapes...what do these have to do with CrossFit?

Nutrition is the most important part of getting results and maintaining them. It's one of our main focuses at Strong Together Chester Crossfit.

Coach Christine and I break it down in this weeks AMRAP...

The different macronutrient categories are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

You want to get each of these at EVERY meal!

Obviously there are different parts of nutrition, but those are the main three you're looking to get to make sure your meals are well balanced.

Each of those different forms of macronutrients has a different role that it plays. Different forms of energy are created from these macronutrients.

Ex. Carbs are mostly turned into sugar, and that sugar becomes either energy or stored fat.

The main thing is that they are all calories. Those calories are energy. Excess calories do NOT necessarily convert to extra energy. It actually is the reverse effect. Excess calories get stored as fat. Your body naturally wants to store those extra calories to use later...and what do they get stored as...Fat.

No matter what you put into your body, even if it is just a grape (even though a grape is low in calories), that grape is still a calorie and your body is either going to use it or store it.

When you think about eating, you want to spread your meals apart by either fasting or maintenance. Regulate your eating so that it is done within a certain amount of time throughout the day. You'll start to recognize that that late midnight snack you reach for at night is "no bueno" and not necessary.

You need to give your body and system a break. Hence the term 'BREAKfast'. You go to bed at night and are fasting for how ever many hours you sleep for. You wake up and eat to break the fast.

"The grape" is a theory that helps you think about what you're putting into your body. If you think you're tired and need a snack for more energy, chances are you don't. Your body can use the resources it has already stored to find the energy you need. It doesn't need that grape.

When we get tired and our body and hormones are 'telling' you to grab a grape (or in many cases something less healthy) that extra calorie from the grape will get stored as fat.

How do you beat those hunger pains? Drink some water (maybe add some lemon juice). Anything that doesn't have calories that won't trigger your brain to think "I need to use that. I need to either use it or store it."

One of the most common macronutrient guidelines to follow is the 40-30-30 format. 40% carbs, 30% fats, 30% protein.

The great thing about the 40-30-30 is the flexibility and diversity it allows. You won't be stuck eating half of a banana or weighing all of your food exactly.

You can eat more foods you like and there is much more variety. Technically you can eat whatever you want as long as it falls into those percentages.

If you like ground turkey or chicken or beef, it doesn't matter. As long as those fall into the 30% protein.

Break fast really is the most important meal of the day because you're breaking the fast. You need to make sure you're getting some calories in right away.

You are 400 times more likely to be overweight if you skip breakfast or have a 'bad' breakfast. Pop tarts, sugary cereals, etc aren't a great way to start your caloric intake. You want to break your fast with macronutrients and the 40-30-30.

Using the 40-30-30 well balance meals, is training your body and mind to learn the right way to eat. You'll learn how to eat appropriately, how much to eat, and you'll become more aware of what you're actually putting into your body.

Many of us cook with extra fats and oils when really a spray of healthy oil will go a long way and is a better use of calories than dousing your pan with oil to cook.

Just because the 40-30-30 allows you to have whatever you want doesn't mean you should. You Can have a slice of pizza or you can oatmeal and fruit to get you to the same carb level, but you'll feel more fulfilled from the oatmeal and fruit rather than the one slice of pizza. There's a certain balance you have to maintain

In a 2,000 calorie diet, you would get 800 calories devoted to carbs, 600 for protein, and 600 for fats.

There are tons of apps and resources to help keep track of what you're eating and tracking your macros. Food journaling will help keep you honest and on track, and will help your body learn the proper nutrition it needs for optimal performance.

See you in class at Chester!

Benjamin Krymis, Co-Founder and CEO

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Fit Tip - Have a plan. In your workouts, it is important to know where you might struggle or where you may be able to go fast. Not so that you can get the best score, but so you don't get caught by surprise and end up resting way too long. Intensity is key!

Coach Mike Giaquinto

Athlete Good News

Congrats to Kevin from HCF...newest Teacher at Mount Olive Middle School!

Nicole J did her fist workout with ALL double unders!

Donnie M finished a workout in the time cap/end of class!

Jennifer A finished her first WOD!

Yoga Jess is an overachiever and got her first HSPU AND strung together double unders all in the same day!

Breanne C PR'd baseline by over a minute!

Serge PR'd his deadlift-AGAIN @ 415#, a 15# increase!

RCF Baseline PR's: Jill B, Kelsey S, Anne B, Andrea C, Doug A, Dona R, Nick Y, Sofia Y, Doug D, Amanda C, Jess G, Casey P, Kim C, Lisa L, Heverton F, Alex B!

20" Box Jump PR's: Jen B, Joenell O!

Lauren D PR'd her squat snatch @ 105#!

Front Squat PR's: Doug D, Karen Mc, Lisa L!

Back Squat PR's: Jess G, Karen Mc, Lisa L!

Elle PR'd her front squat!

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