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"What is the most PRESSING thing going on in your life for you right now?"

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Coach Nivi here, thought I'd send some words of wisdom and mindset to all of you.

“So, what is the most pressing thing happening right now?”


This is a very important question for me, especially when meeting a new member or prospect because it will reveal a lot of things about a person. You see, we live in an age where being reactive in an environment is the norm.  We’ve all heard “ignorance is bliss”, this is especially true today because most people will not make changes to either their routine or their lifestyle habits until something goes wrong.  For many reasons, this is not the mentality to have and leads to a whole host of problems.


So where does the question come in to play?  Well, generally speaking, I use it as a talking point to dig in further to understand what is really going on.  Whether we are here to increase our current fitness, to start our journey, or to help start down the path to a healthy lifestyle because it hasn’t been that way, we are all here with an end goal in mind.  For majority of us, in one way or another, we lost our way.  Whether we stopped eating correctly or are not actively moving like we used to, we have found ourselves on a path we don’t want to be on anymore and looking to make a change. 

But this question I asked is important because it’s followed up by the question of time.  How long did it take to get to this point?  How long has it been since you were last happy with everything you were doing?  This deep dive to being honest with yourself is a hard one to face, and yet it’s a necessary conversation that needs to be had.  Hindsight is always 20/20 and seeing the time frame of how long it took to reach this point will give you a good idea of how long it will take to get back to a happy place.  We want instant results, but that’s not going to happen, especially when it comes to your health and longevity.  It’s a hard, uphill battle, but that doesn’t make it impossible.  There will be hard days, and days where you just don’t feel like moving.  But for the sake of you, mentally, physical, emotionally, spiritually, you need to.


So, do it! Move!

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