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  • A LIFESTYLE Change - Meet Lauren R.!

    As Lauren R. takes off to start a new journey with her family and a new career chapter of her life, she takes with her a leveled up version of herself - one that she didn't think possible a few years ago... the confidence, strength and fortitude she has soaked up here at STF and beyond is something worth noting. She has not just changed her weight, and body image, but HER LIFESTYLE, not just for her but for her entire family, plus her best of friends that support her, both past and those newfound friendships inspired through fitness. We celebrate Lauren's successes in the last year+ that she was with Strong Together Chester - she is truly an inspiration and one that we want YOU ....

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  • Sally's Bucket List Story

    Sally's Bucket List Story

    What will you cross off your bucket list this year? A nd, do you need fitness training to do it? One of our athletes, Sally K. recently took a trip to Norway where she Alpine toured the Lyngen Alps (you know, where you hike to the top instead of take a chair lift?). According to her she couldn't have done it without the past 3 months of Strong Together Fitness training which gave her the leg strength and lung capacity to make the climb. Happy Skiing Sally! Call us at 908 879 0363 if you want to explore your bucket list! ....

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  • NEW skill of the week and Another push for one-on-one assessments!

    One of our most frequent suggestionsfrom our awesome members in the many surveys we put out has been to "teach me movement X" or "I need to spend more time on X outside of class but I don't know what to do!" so, here you go =] Every week, we will be putting some quick & dirty (<20 min) drills on the board (the board by the black cabinet) and they will stay up for the week to be used on any day you come in to the gym and want something extra outside of class time. They will not always be the sexy stuff! Don't avoid the non-sexy stuff because that is the stuff that makes sexy happen! ha! These Drills will be focused on the basic gymnastics movements for a ....

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  • STF HOLIDAY FIT TIP #5 from Coach Joe

    #5 Have an Athletic event or goal in your near future.
    I personally registered for a weightlifting competition a month from now. I'm training hard for this and really don't want to show up and find out I am .5lbs over my weight class! So whether it's a local competition, a 5k holiday race, a winter fundraising hike, or a tennis or pickle ball match --- having a specific date set in the near future where you need to perform can be huge. When everyone around you is eating cookies and egg eggnog those 3+ miles will be in the back of your head whispering the right decisions. Coach Joe, OUT. ....

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  • STF HOLIDAY FIT TIP #4 from Coach Trish (credit for this one goes to our awesome members!)

    Do you like to drink during the holidays?

    Alcohol is one of the BIGGEST reasons that the average weight gain over the Holidays is 15 POUNDS (Thanksgiving through the new year). So, what's a girl or guy to do?
    Now I don't drink myself but one of the best holiday tips I've heard in a while, is actually from TWO of our fabulous members - Nancy and Natalie - and that is this: Glass of Sparkling Water (any kind )+ a splash of wine, and maybe even a splash of cranberry juice.
    Genius! You get to indulge with a slight mock-tail, sip WAY less calories, and still be able to function the next day. BOOM! Best holiday tip ever, I hope you use it! Coach Trish, OUT. ....

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  • STF HOLIDAY FIT TIP #3 from Coach Zack

    Make sure that no matter what is going on you do your best to stay in a routine.
    Making sure that you keep the same routine from the time you wake up to getting into the gym, all of it is very important to staying on track during the holidays! For example no matter what day is it, whether an active recovery day, day off work, my birthday, or Christmas Day, I always wake up at 5:00am. I have my cup of coffee and toast with peanut butter while I read a little bit and do 10 minutes of ROMWOD. It starts my day on a positive note and allows me to get things done while still having plenty of time left in the day. Then its off to the gym to workout in some capacity. Either a WOD or just ....

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  • STF HOLIDAY FIT TIP #2 from Coach Joe

    #2 Don't get sick.
    Sometimes we forget that the flu throwing a wrench in your training is NOT an unavoidable part of winter. It's cold, your in-laws' kids are sneezing on you, and the news keeps saying this is the worst season in decades. I get it. But there are things you can do for your immune system besides wearing a medical mask at the Christmas party... Eat your veggies.
    Getting your essential vitamins and minerals is important if you want your body to fight off sickness with ease. For example, what I do is every morning I roll out of bed and chug a shake with lemon juice, ginger, green tea and whatever fruit/veggie i feel like blending that day. S
    kip the sugar and ....

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    #1 Flood your social media with fitness.
    Seeing Matt Fraser's or Michael Phelps' posts or whichever athlete excites you; OR seeing Rogue Fitness' posts; OR seeing Kettlebell Kitchen's posts; OR seeing Victoria Secret's posts even...motivates!Oh, and @stfchester! We all scroll way too much these days so, instead of letting social media be a DISTRACTION, put a time limit of 5 mins on your new outlook of MOTIVATIONAL scrolling! Follow the people that you want to be like and start to implement some of the things THEY are doing. Action takers don't just scroll, they hunt for ways to be better! Life's too short to scroll... ....

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    OPPORTUNITY #1 The "Year of Champions" Black Friday Special

    A discount to our current Unlimited or 3x/week VIP 1-year Membership. If you are already a member with us, your current membership will be automatically cancelled; you will return at the end of this discounted 1-year term to a month–to–month agreement at your original (current) membership rate; This purchase is non-refundable. This is Hugely discounted (over a month FREE of charge) so there are limited spots available (6 to be exact)!
    Unlimited Paid in Full: $2,299 (Current Unlimited Membership valued at $219/mo) <<CLICK HERE NOW
    3x/week Paid in Full: $2165 (Current 3x/week ....

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  • DECEMBER's You're-going-to-wanna-do-this-cus-they're-too-good EVENTS!

    December is almost here, and we have big plans! December 7th
    will be our new & unique Wine & WOD
    experience! Come in at 6:45p Friday
    night for a fun partner workout and then enjoy a guided tour around the globe to the world's best orchards!! Okay.. Maybe not. But you will get to sip WINE from around the world while you finish sweating , led by our lovely guest host and your very own sommelier for the evening, Lauren Siegel
    . Cost: $5. Optional: bring your own wine to share and, as always, bring a buddy! Then, December 14th
    is The Ugly Elephant Holiday Party of 2018
    . Don your favoriteugly sweater while we eat, drink and trade gifts with your gym ....

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  • GOBBLER WODler annual FOOD DRIVE & BUDDY event

    It's coming... Nov 19th, 20th and 21st! Any Class Time. We've been running this silly-named event for many years now, and for good reason! The more friends and family we pull in for this event the more food we raise for local families. We've collected 1,000's of canned goods over the years but we won't stop there! This also gives YOU, as a member or challenger, a unique 3-day opportunity to give back and pay it forward - maybe you've been talking to your friends and families about this crazy WOD or ALL OUT class you take at "Strong Together Chester", maybe your family members or friends have noticed a bit of a change in you? Maybe your energy? Maybe your ....

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  • 2018 WODscars Award Winners

    WODscars 2018 was an absolute hit! We are so grateful for all of you, our wonderful members. We wish we could give everyone an award for showing up the way you do daily - ready to work and with a smile! For those of you who missed our event this year, are new to the Strong Together Chester team, below are this year's WODscars 2018 award winners. Give them a HIGH FIVE when you see them in class: MEMBER CHOSEN AWARDS
    Most Improved Male: Rob DeRienzo Most Improved Female: Kiersten Krum Best Dressed: Wayne "Big Daddy" Rice Silent Assassin: Cruz Tlapala Best Couple: Sasha and Mike Bligh Iron Woman: Mallory Bartow Most Helpful: Chris Capone COACH CHOSEN AWARDS
    Will Jump Off a ....

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  • In a nutrition or fitness RUT? We all know this word well...

    When you’re in a nutrition RUT, it turns into an everything RUT. We all have bee there. Low energy, not sleeping, moody, and caffeinated on the reg. Worst. Feeling. Ever. You’re stuck. Can’t stop eating bad things. You’re down on yourself for it, you’re asking “why do I do this to myself?” You’re surrounded with self-doubt. You know it’s a problem but you just roll with it because at this point, why not, right? The biggest motivating factor (and not in a good way) that I see on a regular basis for members and friends, who are in this rut, is that they are overwhelmed with life. They’re overwhelmed with their ....

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  • Visceroptosis

    What the hell is it? Welp. Visceroptosis is a prolapse or a sinking of the abdominal viscera (internal organs) below their natural position. Natural position, you guessed it, is where OPTIMAL flow happens - blood flow, bile flow, gut flow, flow to and from the ovaries, testes, etc. As we age, develop poor habits, poor posture, and allow ourselves to stoop into a sedentary lifestyle without proper daily and hourly movement, any or all of the organs may be displaced downward. We want to avoid this! Which is why we apply intention into our health and fitness, right? This is a HUGE deal. I've seen many people on the street lately that have this and it is extremely important to ....

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  • Who is your new workout Bestie?

    Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone! We constantly host these Bring-a-Friend style days throughout every month because we've gotten such good feedback on them! YOU guys love being able to bring in a friend, someone that maybe you've wanted to expose to what your workout community is like and introduce them to the way things go down and the energy you feel when you walk in the door. You are an inspiration for your friends and families more than you know! Maybe your girlfriend needs help in their own personal life working on developing confidence, lose weight, build a healthier heart... Or maybe your buddy is someone that's in a gutter plateau at his current ....

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    In All Out, movements are done at lighter loads and for a longer time frame, which makes the ALL OUTS more aerobic in nature. WODS on the other hand, tend to involve more resistance training, less reps than All Out, and so more anaerobic in nature. Does that make sense? Shorter workouts in the WOD classes allow for more time for the Strength and Skill progressions we incorporate. This difference is what keeps these two styles of workouts so different from one another, and gives our members options! We all love that, right?! We know that athletes will always lean toward one style over the other, it’s simply human nature. Usually you will move toward the one you KNOW ....

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    Hello Members!
    I wanted to take this time to give you some updates! I promise it won’t be that grueling of a blog post ;) Remember, you have invested in this membership and in this community to improve your health (and even your family’s health! We have lots of families up in here! – KUDOS!) Anyway, we want you to be crystal clear on what your next steps are, what opportunities are here for you and your family (whether you are a new or seasoned member), how the facility operates and what you can expect moving forward! So… MORE SKILL IN ALL OUT

    As many of you know, our PREP CLASSES (preparing you for WOD movements and ....

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  • Become a Strong Together Staff Member

    HOW TO APPLY: We are always looking for the next rock star to join our team so if opportunity you read about brought you to this page and resonated with you, please: 1.) Make a quick video introducing yourself, tell me a little bit about yourself, what brought you to this industry and why you are passionate about it. Also let us know why you would be a great fit to our team and what unique qualities you bring to the table. 2.) Send it over to us via YouTube link or Dropbox or however works for you. If short enough, you can email the email below. Don't sweat it. Simple is fine - we just want to see your personality and get to know you a bit! 3.) Once we take a look at it, we will ....

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  • What do you think YOU should do?

    SHOULD DO? The other day an athlete of approx 2 years approached me and asked if she should squat to a box. Now this was a great teaching moment for me because I KNEW that she KNEW exactly what the answer was.. but sometimes people need a nudge. So I told her what she needed to do. But that got me thinking...Should I have answered? Or should I have asked "What do you think YOU should do?" With poor knees and a bad back, this woman knew she should listen to her body but she really wanted to keep up with the class and do what they were doing. But what would that do? Not a whole lot of good for those knee caps, and I might add, the potential to not be able ....

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  • Words of wisdom from Coach Joe - What would it take for you to do, in order for you to get where you want to go?

    Meet Coach Joe with a few words of wisdom for your week! We often find ourselves wanting so much in so little time. PRs, improving technique, learning new movements, oh yeah and finishing faster than the guy next to you… definitely need to beat him. Us CrossFit-ters are an ambitious bunch. But we don’t all have the mental fortitude of Katrin. We get discouraged if we’re not seeing all the things we want right now. Or if our long term goals seem miles away. It can help to ask yourself a couple questions when you find yourself in the same spot. “What would you like to achieve this session?” And “What would it take?” simple enough! The ....

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  • "What is the most PRESSING thing going on in your life for you right now?"

    Coach Nivi here, thought I'd send some words of wisdom and mindset to all of you. “So, what is the most pressing thing happening right now?” This is a very important question for me, especially when meeting a new member or prospect because it will reveal a lot of things about a person. You see, we live in an age where being reactive in an environment is the norm. We’ve all heard “ignorance is bliss”, this is especially true today because most people will not make changes to either their routine or their lifestyle habits until something goes wrong. For many reasons, this is not the mentality to have and leads to a whole host of problems. So ....

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    COME JOIN US any class time AUGUST 31st! It's a Fri-YAY! Right before school. Give yourself a BREAK and Enjoy before fall breaks, the kids are off to school next week, and before you put off working out another minute! STEP ONE: find a TIME on FRIDAY (below on the calendar) that works for you (9:30a includes Child Care! Boom!) STEP TWO: PUT it in your calendar STEP 3: Invite YOUR BESTIE to soak up all the sweat with you STEP 4: email trisha@strongtogetherfitness.com your contact info to reserve your spot! STEP 5: Whether you're a group fitness junky, or someone that's been sitting at a desk for too long and needs a kick in the rear, come kick-start your mental ....

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  • Nutrient Sufficiency Workshop

    industry is like the WILD WILD WEST
    . No direction. No education. No reliable certification. Just mass media and marketing trying to get you to buy synthetic vitamins and shakes, that which when taken over long periods of time could hurt you and your family. Seriously. It's time to EDUCATE yourself!
    Our expert Strong Together coaches want to fix this problem. Do you suffer from Migraines/Headaches? Low energy? Skin issues? Poor sleep? Sore muscles? Joint discomfort? Mood Swings? Hot Flashes?
    You name it... There is help! Come join this awesome Nutrient Sufficiency & Supplement Workshop and Orientation
    . Even if you don't plan on signing ....

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  • Join our month long Nutrition KICKSTART Program! **Kick Off is May 12th**

    Nutrition-related habits of healthy people The good news is it’s super easy to change…if you make little, consistent changes starting today. Don’t just read the following suggestions and forget about them. Turn them into action items. If you make tiny improvements and healthy decisions every day they will have a huge impact on your long-term health.The following are nutrition-related habits of healthy people. Drink water - Among other things, water transports nutrients in your body, flushes toxins out and is necessary for digestion. Drinking eight, 8-ounce glasses of water is thought to be a pretty good daily target. If you’re looking to shed ....

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  • 4/20 WOD

    WOD 7 rounds for time of:
    15 Box jumps (24"/20") 10 Toes to bar 5 Push jerks (155lbs/105lbs) All Out
    Farmers Carry (6 down and backs or 100m) 800m run 40 sit-ups 30 Burpees Rest 1 minute Farmers Carry (4 down and backs) 400m run 30 sit-ups 20 Burpees Rest 1 minute Farmers Carry (2 down and backs) 200m run 20 sit-ups 10 Burpees ....

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  • Have you had enough with your lack of restults? Your weight? Your lifestyle? Your habits?

    7 causes that lead to obesity & poor health bio-markers & how to avoid them… In 2013, the American Medical Association (AMA) officially recognized obesity as a disease. A committee set up to study the matter advised that obesity's classification should not be changed, but the delegates at the association's annual meeting overrode their recommendation. It was a controversial decision, to say the least. Dr. Patrice Harris, an AMA board member said that "recognizing obesity as a disease will help change the way the medical community tackles this complex issue that affects approximately one in three Americans.” Harris said she hoped the new definition ....

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  • CHECK OUT Marin!

    As I bent over to take the green twinkling lights out from the red storage bin, my stomach tumbled over my waistband and peeked out from underneath my Charlie Brown Christmas themed t-shirt. Ugh, I thought. I have to do something. I am already jiggling like Santa, and I haven’t even begun the traditional holiday over-eating. So after lifting a few more boxes, and getting winded I decided to pursue a long-lost goal of mine— To do a Sparan Race. I put down the boxes, picked up my Mac and registered for the June 2 race. There, now I have about six months to train. Anxiously, I downloaded the five-week couch-to-Spartan and did ....

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  • 3/21 WOD

    3/21 WOD

    5 x 5 Romanian Deallift WOD
    5 x 500 meter Row All Out
    3 Rounds for Time: 500m Row 20 Burpee 400m Run Rest 1:00 ....

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  • GRACEful Goals

    GRACEful Goals

    Here at Strong Together Chester CrossFit we have some amazing members! One in particular is Grace Paonessa. If you have been to a night class or a Saturday morning class you have most likely had the pleasure of meeting her. She is the person who is always trying to meet someone new or talk about a workout from the night before. She loves to joke around and laugh but when it comes time to get to work she is all business. No matter what the workout is she always welcomes the challenge and embraces it. Knowing that it will make her better, she is the prime example of trusting the process and knowing that hard work pays off. I caught up with Grace and asked her to tell me a little about ....

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  • Strong Together Chester's new HealthPrint-tastic!

    Strong Together Chester's new HealthPrint-tastic!

    So the other week I was walking through whole foods supplement isle and was in awe of the massive selection. Once I took a closer look at some labels I was even more amazed at how many claims these labels were making. "This ginger will bulletproof your immune system." "Vitamin D3 is the answer to your joint pain." "OUR BIOTIN WILL CURE YOUR BALDNESS!" Now I consider myself somewhat of a nutritional buff, and I still felt lost in this sea of pills powders and extracts. Which one does my body actually NEED? Back at the gym, as usual, Trisha is one step ahead of me. Which is why we are unveiling our new Healthprint. Just over 20 questions about your diet, your lifestyle and your ....

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  • New Year, New You? Whats Your Resolution?

    New Year, New You? Whats Your Resolution?

    Every January 1st we think about a few things, how was last year overall? Was it a good year? What can I do to improve? The next thought that comes into our mind is our New Years resolution. Yep, that guy. A goal that we all have in mind and set for ourselves for the new year! These can range from eating better, to working out more or even something simple like do one good deed a day. Whatever your resolution is it is easy to say this is what I am going to do. But the hard part is actually committing to that goal. For the most part, after about two to four weeks people have already forgotten about their goals and have said “There’s always next year”. Some people hit ....

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    You ready to do this!?!? KICK your way into 2018. If you need a sweet in your life, might as well make it one of these!
    Gingerbread Protein Balls:

    1.5 cups cashews
    1 tsp cinnamon
    1 tsp ginger
    1/4 tsp allspice
    sprinkle of salt
    1 tbsp coconut oil
    1/2 cup dates
    2 tbsp maple syrup
    4 scoops Shaklee Vanilla Protein
    2 tbsp water (if needed) Turn the oven to 350 degrees. Roast cashews for 3 minutes or until golden brown, this will help bring out the flavor.In the meantime, put coconut oil and spices in the blender. Once toasted, add the warm cashews and grind. Once ground, add dates, maple syrup, water, and Shaklee powder.Blend until a consistency that you can roll the balls. ....

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  • Chester the Gingerbread Man Recipe

    Make No Mistake, you read that right... Gingerbread Peanut Butter Protein Fudge. Full of life's finer things; peanut butter, honey, muscle-building protein powder, and a hint of gingerbread goodness for the holiday season. Ingredients:
    1 ½ Cups Natural Peanut Butter
    2/3 Cups Almond Butter
    ½ Cup Honey
    2 tsp Organic Molasses
    4 Scoops of Shaklee Vanilla Protein Powder
    1 pinch of Sea Salt
    1 tsp Ginger
    ½ tsp All Spice
    ½ tsp cinnamon
    ¼ cup melted coconut oi Mix all ingredients together in a food processor. Combine thoroughly. Spray an 8x8 glass pan and press mixture into the pan. Drizzle 1 Tablespoon over the top of the fudge and use a knife ....

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    Are you ready to kick butt!?!
    Happy 2018 - Yes, that's me up there. Hawaiian and ready to kick ass this year! ARE YOU?
    Upcoming EVENTS and AWESOMENESS:
    Jan 13th, Feb 3rd (workshop participants only, see below)
    Visit here for details! Come on in with a friend or family member to the 1030a class Saturday!
    Jan 19th 630PM, must attend in order to participate! Expect an hour. We'll have samples and opportunities to learn and grow built in! In order to participate you must pay in advance and sign up for your ....

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    WHY do I always get craps in my feet - calves - quads, etc. during exercise? WHY do I get a charlie horse in the middle of the night? WHY does it happen when I jump? Overuse of a muscle, dehydration, muscle strain or simply holding a position for a prolonged period can cause a muscle cramp. Most muscle cramps are harmless (even though they hurt like hell), some may be related to an underlying medical condition, vitamin deficiency, inadequate hydration or inadequate blood supply and flow. Now, there is no ANSWER to this mystery. Obviously hydration plays a HUGE part in the overall cause but many people that are sufficiently hydrated still get them! ....

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  • Missy's Balanced Habits Transformation at Chester!

    Missy’s Balanced Habits Transformation at Chester!

    Down… (Since mid-September) 15
    lbs 7.1%
    Body Fat 20.2 lbs
    of Body Fat 6
    inches around her waist and 9

    What made you choose to start the Balanced Habits KickStart nutrition program?

    "I have always struggled with my weight since childhood, in my 20's I tried several fad diets all with quick results but never maintainable results and old habits came back and so did all the weight.This program seemed more of a life style change, and not a quick fix. I wanted something that I could follow long term. With winter and the holidays approaching, I knew I need something to ....

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  • Bullet Proof Coffee Lovers - TRY THIS!

    I Just discovered the most insane Vanilla Coffee "creamer"! Try this!
    2 cups of coffee.
    1 tablespoon of grass-fed, unsalted butter.
    1 tablespoon of MCT oil.
    Add .5-1 scoop of grass-fed whey vanilla protein powder from Shaklee (Protein packed!)
    Thank me later ;) ....

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  • 3...2....1...Carlos LIFT OFF!

    3...2....1...Carlos LIFT OFF!

    The CrossFit Open is right around the corner, and what a better way to get into the competitive spirit then to participate in the CrossFit Lift Off. A great way to bring all of the fitness world together from CrossFitters to Olympic Weightlifters it gives the community a chance to get together throw around some big weight and have some fun doing so! One of our members in particular Carlos Santiago is someone who lives for moving some big weight on the barbell. He has participated in the CrossFit Lift Off the past two years and looks forward to it every year! We caught up with Carlos and asked him to give us a little insight into what the Lift Off means to him here in Chester and how ....

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  • *Hydrate*

    Tips and tricks to adequate hydration: -----Your 24 oz. of Starbucks doesn't count and actually negates your hydration. You should now drink that to get yourself back to zero ;) -----If you're trying to lose weight and doing everything possible with your diet and exercise, and are FRUSTRATED, proper water intake may actually take you where you want to be. -----8 oz. of water with a pinch of sea salt IMMEDIATELY upon waking - start off on the right foot, prep your gut for what it's about to ingest for breakfast, and refuel after a long nights fast. ----Try a light hydration supplement like Performance Low-Calorie Electrolyte ....

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  • Magical Coconut Clusters from Strong Together Chester this Holiday!

    These treats are packed with good-for-you fats, nutrients, and even a hint of protein. You may feel naughty eating them, but each bar has only 1 unit of carbs, and 2 units of fat. Try them for yourself! (If you want to know what your individual nutritional "units" should be and what that means in terms of your weight loss and fat loss, visit here and reserve your spot! ) Ingredients: 1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut 3 scoop Shaklee Plain and Simple Protein Powder 2 Tbsp Hemp Hearts 2 Tbsp Pumpkin Seeds (pepitas) 2 Tbsp Sunflower Seeds 2 Tbsp Chia Seeds 1/2 cup fat-free sweetened condensed milk 1/4 cup enjoy life mini chocolate chips Pinch of sea salt ....

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  • On the 13th day of December Coach Awesome said to me...

    On the 13th day of December Coach Awesome said to me...

    On the 13 th day of December Coach Awesome said to me...
    (it kind of works… right?) It’s the last month of the year Chester! It’s a month filled with family, traditions, snuggling, comfort foods, trips to here and there and endless PARRRRTAYS! It’s also the month before we all make our New Years Resolutions. Sometimes we let loose in December and put off making any changes until the New Year hits. “Starting January 1 st I’m: giving up ____, starting ____, changing my ____”. So, instead of waiting, let’s use December as a month of growth and change to prepare for the new year. For the rest of this month we here at ....

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  • Broken Barbell of Strong Together Chester

    Broken Barbell of Strong Together Chester

    “The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.”
    –Ernest Hemingway At the WODscars (our annual athlete appreciation event) I listened to a wonderful award given to a coach by an athlete. I listened to how her coach would “scrape her off the gym floor” (I believe literally and emotionally). This woman shared her battle with epilepsy and how STF Hackettstown motivated and helped her. On my drive home, I realized something: there are more of us “broken” folks at Strong Together Chester. Now, if you’ve been broken in any serious way, hearing another’s story of trial and success makes you take notice ....

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  • Strong Together Chester Athlete Completes First Spartan Race

    One of our members Patrick Forgione, recently participated in his first Tri State Super Spartan challenge. We asked Patrick to talk about his experience with the race. While talking about the race he couldn’t help but talk about how he found Strong Together and about his experiences here. Here is his story….. “If you had asked me to do anything like this a year ago I would of laughed. While I had done a Go Ruck in 2015, my fitness level went downhill and I was struggling to get back into some kind of diet. I tried to go on a shake diet but found that my hunger was never satiated and I ended up eating more. My wife and I ended up getting gym ....

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  • ALMOST OVER! Chester run club

    ALMOST OVER! Chester run club

    So every fall for two months Strong Together Fitness holds a weekly running club. Some of us want to beat our best 5k time, some of us want to run our first marathon, and some of us just don't want to dread when the board reads 400 meter repeats. I've had the pleasure of leading the group this year and have gotten to meet a lot of awesome people. But it's getting cold and little turkeys dressed as pilgrims are popping up everywhere... So with only twoweeks left, if you haven't gotten out for a run yet "JUST DO IT!!" We'll be meeting at horseshoe lake this Sunday at 8 AM Hope to see you (and a friend if you can get them out of bed) there! - Joe ***Next Saturday (the 25th) is ....

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  • Chester Crossfit coach explores the Rockies

    Chester Crossfit coach explores the Rockies

    Coach Joe here! If you noticed that I was missing for a few days its because I was in Colorado, dangling from a rope.. probably with a wedgie, probably with bloody fingers.. Okay that makes it sound like I had a terrible time. It was actually a total dream. Going to Colorado has been on my bucket list for more than a few years now and I got to check it off last week. With only 5 days including travel I had a lot of places to go and a lot of climbing to cram in a short time. I picked the perfect partner for just that, James has been a rock solid companion for any adventure I dream up. He makes up for my lack of map navigation skills and is one of the few people I trust with my life ....

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  • 10/31 WOD


    IN 3 MINUTES COMPLETE 25 Wall ball shots (20lbs/14lbs) 25 Push-ups AMREP (CALORIES BIKE OR ROW) in the remaining time REST 1:00 X3 *SCORE= TOTAL CALORIES !!NOTICE!!
    the workouts will now be posted under the "WOD" tab on our website. This "blog" tab will be used only for articles and good news. ....

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    Congratulations Andy B. on a new 5K Personal Record! Andy is an inspiring 12-Week Transformation Program participant and member at STFCCF - He came in knowing he had a goal of running the 5K at his kid's college over this past weekend and CRUSHED IT! 25 minutes flat, a 40 second PR. He's eating more consistently, feels better and is enjoying an active lifestyle! Set S-M-A-R-T goals and crush them! Nice job Andy! Onward to the next record! ....

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  • 10/28 WOD

    With a partner: 60 Double Unders/person 120 Handstand Push-ups 60 Double Unders/person 120 Toes to Bar 60 Double Unders/person 120/100 Calorie Assault Bike or Row ....

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  • 10/26 WOD

    WOD Part 1: "Karen" 150 Wall Balls For Time (20/14) Part 2: 20-35-50 Burpee Plate Jumps American Kettlebell Swings (53/35) ....

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  • 10/25 WOD

    STRENGTH Bench Press 5x5 WOD EMOM 16 minutes: (4 Rounds) Minute 1
    : 5 Muscle Ups Minute 2
    : 15 Toes to Bar Minute 3
    : 20/15 Calorie Row Minute 4
    : REST ....

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  • 10/24 WOD

    WOD 10 Power Snatch (115/75) 5 Rope Climbs (15') 8 Power Snatch (135/95) 4 Rope Climbs 6 Power Snatch (155/105) 3 Rope Climbs 4 Snatch (175/115) 2 Rope Climbs 2 Snatch (195/125) 1 Rope Climb *For the rounds of 4 and 2, the Snatches can be Power or Squat. ....

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  • 10/21 WOD

    21 Min PARTNER AMRAP 21 Wall Ball 21 Box Jumps 21 RKBS (53/35) *E3MOM 3 Burpees ....

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  • 10/20 WOD

    10/20 WOD

    STRENGTH 20 min Split Jerks Every :45 for 30 rounds then; WOD 15 Min AMRAP Run 600 meters 12 Single Arm Push Press, Left (55/35) 12 Single Arm Push Press, Right (55/35) 6 Weighted Pull-ups (55/35) Row 600/500 meters 12 Single Arm Overhead Walking Lunges, left (55/35) 12 Single Arm Overhead Walking Lunges, right (55/35) 3/3 Turkish Get-ups (55/35) ....

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  • 10/18 WOD

    10/18 WOD

    15-21-27 Toes to Bar Back Squat (155/105) *75 Double Unders after each round ....

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  • 10/17 WOD

    “NUTTS” For time: 10 Handstand push-ups 250/175 pound Deadlift, 15 reps 25 Box jumps, 30 inch box 50 Pull-ups 100 Wallball shots, 20 pounds, 10' 200 Double-unders Run 400 meters with a 45/35 plate ....

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  • 10/16 WOD

    10/16 WOD

    5 Rounds 3 Power Cleans (225/155) 3 Front Squats (225/155) 3 Jerks (225/155) Then: 5 x 2 overhead squat ....

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  • 10?13 WOD

    10?13 WOD

    1 power clean every 30 seconds. for 20 rounds. 1 power clean every 60 seconds for 10 rounds. then: 3 Rounds : in 2 Minutes 8 Squat cleans (135lbs/95lbs) with the remaining time in the 2 minute interval complete max reps of Double Unders 2:00min rest *Score is total double unders. ....

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  • October Athlete of the Month...Brezden!

    October Athlete of the Month...Brezden!

    OCTOBER ATHLETE OF THE MONTH BREZDEN V. She's our athlete of the month and a total reflection of all that STF is. If you've ever been in class with Brez, she's always color coordinated but more importantly ALWAYS has a smile on her face and a high five ready to go. Her positivity is infectious and is directly reflected in her results! Thanks for being awesome Brez, congrats!! Keep up the hard work, you're an inspiration to everyone you meet! Read more about her story below... 1. What made you decide to start CrossFit? Originally, I dropped in to “a bring a friend day” with my best friend at Chester STF in March 2016. My friend essentially dragged me to the class, because I ....

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  • 10/12 WOD

    10/12 WOD

    “Eva” 5RFT 800m run 30 American kettle bell swings (70/53) 30 Pull Ups ....

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  • 10/11 WOD

    10/11 WOD

    5 x 3 strict press then; EMOM for 20
    minutes: 4 ROUNDS TOTAL Minute 1: Bike 15/12 Calories (scale 10/8 if can’t fit it within the minute) Minute 2: 4 Muscle Ups/20 Double Unders Minute 3: Row 15/12 Calories Minute 4: 8 Handstand Push-ups/20 Double Unders Minute 5: Run 200 meters ....

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  • 10/10 WOD

    10/10 WOD

    the workout: 50 Sit-ups 40 Goblet Squats (70/53) 30 Burpees to 6" Target 40 Sit-ups 30 Goblet Squats 20 Burpees to 6" Target 30 Sit-ups 20 Goblet Squats 10 Burpees to 6" Target ....

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  • 10/9 WOD

    10/9 WOD

    8 rounds 10 plate jumps 10 push ups 200m run/row then: 5 x 3 front squat ....

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  • 10/7 WOD

    10/7 WOD

    With a partner, complete as many rounds as possible in 26min: 6 Deadlifts (315lbs/205lbs), each 9 Bar facing burpees, synchronized 9 Bar muscle-ups, each 55ft Farmer's carry ....

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  • 10/6 WOD

    10/6 WOD

    EMOM x 20 1 power clean then: 15 minute AMRAP Run 600 meters 30 meter Double KB Front Rack Walk (53lbs/35lbs ea) Row 600 meters 30 meter Double KB Overhead Walk (53lbs/35lbs ea) 60 Double Unders 30 V-ups 120 Single Unders ....

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  • 10/5 WOD

    10/5 WOD

    5 rounds of: 9 push press (135/95) 15 pull ups 21 no push up burpees ....

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  • 10/4 WOD

    10/4 WOD

    3 Rounds: 10 Front squats (165/115) 25 Box jumps (20/16") 2:00min rest between rounds then: 5 x 5 Romanian Deadlifts ....

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  • 10/3 WOD

    "Holleyman" 30 rounds for time of: 5 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball 3 Handstand push-ups 225 pound Power clean, 1 rep ....

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  • 9/29 WOD

    Team Series Event 7 On a 20 minute clock, for max reps/pounds: Partner 1: 0:00-2:00 Handstand Push-ups 2:00-4:00 Rest 4:00-6:00 Double Unders 6:00-8:00 Rest 8:00-10:00 1 rep max Back Squat Partner 2: 10:00-12:00 1 rep max Back Squat 12:00-14:00 Rest 14:00-16:00 Double Unders 16:00-18:00 Rest 18:00-20:00 Handstand Push-ups ....

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  • 9/27 WOD

    9/27 WOD

    4 Rounds, NOT for time: 12-15 Unbroken Band Assisted Strict Pull-ups 50 Foot Sandbag Walking Lunge, Sandbag on right shoulder 15 Unbroken DB Bench Press (use a load that challenges the athlete) 50 Foot Sandbag Walking Lunge, Sandbag on left shoulder 7 Unbroken Touch and Go Power Snatch (115lbs/75lbs) ....

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  • 9/25 WOD

    For time: 120 double-unders, each, relay 120 chest-to-bar pull-ups, total, sets of 15 120 hang power snatches, total, sets of 15 120 double-unders, each, relay Men use 95-lb. barbell ....

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  • The Right Shoe for WOD'ing and ALL OUT'ing

    Why Your Next Purchase Should Be A CrossFit Shoe (if you're Cross Training - which if you're reading this, that's probably a Yes!) So, for some of you CrossFit is this new thing. You might have just signed up for a 6-week challenge or became a full-time member. If that is you then CONGRATS! Some of us have been taking WOD classes or ALL OUT classes for some time now. I am sure that one of the first questions that comes up when coming to the gym every day is...what do I need? Workout clothes, maybe you bring a water bottle or shaker bottle for protein after, maybe a towel for all the sweat, and of course proper shoes. But when it comes to CrossFit gyms, proper shoes are an interesting ....

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  • September Athlete of the Month

    September Athlete of the Month

    September's Athlete of the Month is Corey D! You may see not him around too often unless you're joining the early birds at 5:30 am or at the Saturday classes every now and then at Hackettstown. Corey is what we like to call, a humble lion. He shows up almost every Monday Wednesday and Friday (for the most part) in the darkest of mornings at 5:30. He doesn't say a whole lot--as most of us are still waking up--but once that clock beeps and the workout starts, his inner lion comes out. One of the coolest things we've seen in working with him is his determination and grit. After losing over 30 pounds, his technique and form has improved tremendously and he's even rocking toes to ....

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  • 9/23 WOD

    9/23 WOD

    Event 3 For time: 50 synchronized wall-ball shots 30 cleans, 135 lb. 50 synchronized wall-ball shots 20 cleans, 185 lb. 50 synchronized wall-ball shots 10 cleans, 225 lb. ....

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  • 9/21 WOD

    9/21 WOD

    For Time: Row 1k 50 Single Arm DB Shoulder to Overhead (50/35) 100 Foot Handstand Walk 100 Foot Single Arm Suitcase Lunge (50/35) 100 Double Unders Run 1k 50 Single Arm DB Shoulder to Overhead 100 Foot Handstand Walk 100 Foot Singe Arm Suitcase Lunge (50/35) 100 Double Unders ....

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  • 9/20 WOD

    9/20 WOD

    "Gwen" 15-12-9 reps for max load: Clean & jerk touch and go, rest as needed between sets ....

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  • 9/19 WOD

    9/19 WOD

    3 Rounds: 10 Back squat (225lbs/155lbs) 400m Run Rest 3 minutes between rounds ....

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  • 9/16 WOD

    Partner Workout 1) 10 Minute AMRAP Partner 1: Row 300/250 meters Partner 2: Complete 100 Foot Bear Crawl *switch when both partners have finished rest 3 minutes 2) 10 minute AMRAP Partner 1: Assault Bike 25/20 Calories or Run 200 meters Partner 2: 12 Box Jump to Step Down (30/24") *Rotate when both have finished rest 3 minutes 3) 10 minute AMRAP Partner 1: 30 Double Unders + 120 Single Unders Partner 2: 15 Chest to bar Pull-ups *Rotate when both have finished ....

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  • 8/15 WOD

    8/15 WOD

    3 Rounds 20 Toes to Bar 20 Thrusters (95/65) 20 Burpees lateral over bar ....

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  • 8/14 WOD

    8/14 WOD

    "Lumberjack 20" 275/185-lb. deadlifts, 20 reps Run 400 meters 2/1.5-pood kettlebell swings, 20 reps Run 400 meters 115/75-lb. overhead squats, 20 reps Run 400 meters 20 burpees Run 400 meters 20 chest-to-bar pull-ups Run 400 meters 20 box jumps, 24/20-inch box Run 400 meters 45/30-lb. dumbbell squat cleans, 20 reps Run 400 meters ....

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  • 9/13 WOD

    10 minute AMRAP 15 Wall ball shots (20lbs/14lbs, 10ft/9ft) 1 Rope climb (15ft) ....

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  • 9/12 WOD

    9/12 WOD

    Every 3 minutes for 5 sets: Back Squat Set 1: 8 reps Set 2: 4 reps Set 3: 8 reps Set 4: 4 reps Set 5: 8 reps ....

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  • 9/11 WOD

    9/11 WOD

    September 11 Memorial WOD AMRAP 20:01 9 Squat Cleans (115/75) 11 Burpee over bar Officer Thomas Gorman, forty-one, was a member of the Port Authority ESU and one of the first to respond to the call for help at the World Trade Center. He had worked for the Port Authority at Newark Airport and at the Bus Terminal before he was assigned to the Journal Square PATH station in Jersey City. Before he joined the Port Authority, he worked at the Bayonne Fire Department as a firefighter. While he loved being a public safety officer, he lived for his family. He and his wife, Barbara, had three children: Patrick, Laura and Bridget. He was a fervent Giants fan and coached basketball ....

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  • 9/8 WOD

    9/8 WOD

    Every 3min for 10 sets (30min): 10 Burpees 150m Sprint 250m recovery Jog ....

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  • 9/7 WOD

    9/7 WOD

    4 Rounds 25 Sit-ups 50 Foot Double KB Front Rack Walking Lunge (53/35 lbs/hand) 75 Double Unders ....

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  • "I already eat well, what will this KICKSTART do for me?"

    "I already eat well, what will this do?" That’s super! The BH KICKSTART will be a great tool to learn new recipes, try some different healthy foods that you've never incorporated before, and mix it up for you. Most of us know what to eat, but how many of us can honestly say that we know the PERFECT PORTION of all the foods we consume? Not only that but based on us as an individual, AND based on our specific goals, whether weight loss, toning, muscle gain, how much is really enough/too much? From our experience with thousands of athletes, the answer is NOT MANY. We are here to guide you through those portions, specifically catering each item ....

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  • 9/5 WOD

    "Helen" 3 rounds of 400m run 21 AKBS 12 pull ups #HelenForHouston We have all heard about the devastation affecting the City of Houston and its surrounding areas as a result of Hurricane Harvey. We can’t imagine what it would be like to find our gym under water. While we can’t all be down there helping clean up, we can try and do our best to help out. Let’s show everyone how tight knit and amazing the CrossFit community is. The idea is simple, do a workout and donate a few bucks. If you can’t donate then try to get someone else to participate. If you do the workout, post it online and challenge a friend to do it too. It’s important to ....

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  • 9/2 WOD

    9/2 WOD

    with a partner, accumulate: 20 x 100m run 200 foot overhead lunge 20 x 100m run ....

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  • What’s not to love about the "smiley fruit"?

    Hi Everyone! My name is Robyn, you may get phone calls from me every once in a while ;) I am the administrative assistant here at Strong Together Chester CrossFit. Growing up most of us probably had a banana packed in our lunch. I know my favorite lunch was and continues to be a peanut butter and banana sandwich. But where did this delectable berry come from (I kid you not, bananas are technically berries)? They're derived from a single flower with more than one ovary, making them an "aggregate" fruit. True berries are simple fruits stemming from one flower with one ovary and typically have several seeds. Tomatoes fall into this group, as do pomegranates, kiwis and—believe it or ....

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  • 8/31 WOD

    8/31 WOD

    5 Rounds NOT for time: 5 Strict Ring Dips (35/25) 3 Back Squats (275/185) 50 Foot Hand Over Hand Sled or KB Pull ....

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  • 8/30 WOD

    8/30 WOD

    Every 8 minutes for 4 sets: Run 800m 100ft Double KB Front Rack Walk (32kg/24kg ea) 75 Double Unders with remainder of 8 minutes max power cleans. ....

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  • 8/28 WOD

    For Time 100 sit ups 80 pull ups 60 pistol squats 40 calorie row 20 single armDB push press ....

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  • 8/25 WOD

    8/25 WOD

    with a partner, complete 60 chest to bar pull ups 60 toes to bar 40 clean and jerks (205/145) ....

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  • 8/24 WOD

    8/24 WOD

    The Workout: 5 Rounds 20 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb ball to 10/9' foot target) 10 Deadlifts (225/155) ....

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  • 8/23 WOD

    In groups of 3 people complete 9 rounds: 10 Bench press 500/400m Row *Person 1 does 10 BP/Row, then person 2 does 10 BP/Row, then person 3 does 10 BP/Row. ....

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  • 9/22 WOD

    9/22 WOD

    For time: Run 1200m 50 Thrusters (45lbs/33lbs barbell) 50 Jumping pull-ups Run 800m 35 Thrusters (45lbs/33lbs) 35 Jumping pull-ups Run 400m 20 Thrusters (45lbs/33lbs) 20 Jumping pull-ups ....

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  • Is Technique really THAT important?

    Is Technique really THAT important?

    So I just got back from Boulder, Colorado visiting my brother. It's really fun. I get to go to CrossFit Roots... I Love That Gym. The workout we did when I was there was a 15 minute on the minute Hang Power Clean. What's interesting about this is that it was meant to be technique work. They made an emphasis that the weight you're going to record at the end of the workout is the heaviest weight you performed the movement PROPERLY. When I was doing this workout, I did a couple sets and starting getting heavier with the weights, but I started getting 'messy' with my technique, especially the last couple of minutes. So at the end of the class when we were reviewing the class and ....

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  • Is Technique really THAT important?

    Is Technique really THAT important?

    So I just got back from Boulder, Colorado visiting my brother. It's really fun. I get to go to CrossFit Roots... I Love That Gym. The workout we did when I was there was a 15 minute on the minute Hang Power Clean. What's interesting about this is that it was meant to be technique work. They made an emphasis that the weight you're going to record at the end of the workout is the heaviest weight you performed the movement PROPERLY. When I was doing this workout, I did a couple sets and starting getting heavier with the weights, but I started getting 'messy' with my technique, especially the last couple of minutes. So at the end of the class when we were reviewing the class and ....

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  • 8/21 WOD

    21 pistols (55/35) 15 clean and jerks (185/125) 9 muscle ups rest, then 21 deficit HSPU 15 power snatches (165/115) 9 muscle ups ....

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  • 8/18 WOD

    8/18 WOD

    the workout: Every 90 seconds for 7 sets: 2 Power Snatches then "Isabel" 30 Power Snatches (135/95) ....

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  • 8/17 WOD

    8/17 WOD

    Every 5 Minutes for 5 Sets Push Press 2 Legless Rope Climbs Rep Scheme for the Push Press is: -Set 1 x 5 reps -Set 2 x 4 reps -Set 3 x 3 reps -Set 4 x 2 reps -Set 5 x 1 rep increasing weight each set. ....

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  • 8/16 WOD

    8/16 WOD

    Every 7 minutes for 4 sets Run 800 meters with remaining time in the 6 minutes Max Rep Front Squat (225/155) ....

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  • Bring As Many Friends Event!

    Our BAMF Event (Bring As Many Friends As Possible) is a chance for you or your friends and family to try out our facility and get to know our coaches for a fun workout! Come one day, two days...or all three if you're brave! Try a class, or three! Come all three days! Kick Start your fitness as we roll into the Fall. Every class you'll be entered into our Raffle to win some amazing prizes! Get sore for a change (but not too sore, we're not here to kill you!) Learn something new. Step outside of your comfort zone. Meet Coach Awesome. Have FUN! For all the NEW faces that come to a class, your name will be entered into a raffle for a free Week of Classes! The more ....

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  • 8/12 WOD

    Saturday's workout: 3 rounds of 42 synchro air squats 2q partner med ball sit ups 14 muscle ups ....

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  • August Athlete of the Month

    August Athlete of the Month

    If you read our newsletter in the mail this week, you've already seen who our Athlete of the Month is for August. (If you haven't received our newsletter, make sure we have your correct mailing information). We love hearing success stories through Strong Together Fitness and want to share these successes with everyone! Remember, everyone can do it...it just takes one phone call, email, visit to start... and trust me, you'll want to join in on the fun and success! Terry Gibson is a 55-year old grandma, Phys-Ed teacher, bird watching enthusiast who started CrossFit with us a little over a year ago and has seen tremendous results, both physically and mentally. Read more below... 1) ....

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  • 8/11 WOD

    10, 8, 6, 4, 2 reps of Thrusters (135/95) Burpees box jump overs (24/20) ....

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  • 8/10 WOD

    8/10 WOD

    The Workout: 3 Rounds for time: 8 Manmakers (50lbs/35lbs per hand)) 8/8 Pistols *A manmaker is: 1 DB push-up, 1 left arm DB row, 1 right arm DB row, 1 DB power clean, 1 DB push press. ....

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  • Supplementation


    It's easier than ever to get lost in the myriad ofonline fitness articles that look a bit too much like an advertisement. Even if your only exposure to the supplement world is a gym buddies rant on his new Guarana root extract pills, you might have some questions. This is coach Joe, I wanted to give you all the lowdown on a few popular options and try to dispel a few myths that tend to get passed around. enjoy! Preworkout Designed to hype you up for your workout, pump up your muscles, or help you focus, it's obvious why preworkout is such a popular product. But very few people actually know what is in their tiny scoop of powder. Preworkout can contain, well, just about anything ....

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  • What are Macronutrients?

    What are Macronutrients?

    Nutrition, Macronutrients, grapes...what do these have to do with CrossFit? Nutrition is the most important part of getting results and maintaining them. It's one of our main focuses at Strong Together Chester Crossfit. Coach Christine and I break it down in this weeks AMRAP... The different macronutrient categories are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. You want to get each of these at EVERY meal! Obviously there are different parts of nutrition, but those are the main three you're looking to get to make sure your meals are well balanced. Each of those different forms of macronutrients has a different role that it plays. Different forms of energy are created from these ....

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  • 8/9 WOD

    8/9 WOD

    3 rounds of: 400m run 21 sumo deadlift high pulls (95/65) 12 toes to bar then gymnastics training: ring supports and ring dips ....

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  • 8/8 WOD

    8/8 WOD

    4 x 2 front squat 4 x 2 back squat core accessory work: 2 rounds of 20 second hollow hold 20 controlled ab mat sit ups ....

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  • 8/7 WOD

    8/7 WOD

    EMOM for 24 minutes Row (20cal/15cal) 2 rope climbs 3 split jerks (205/135) Rest ....

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  • 8/5 WOD

    8/5 WOD

    Partner Workout As a team of 2, complete 5 rounds for time: 10 Synchronized toes to bar 15 Synchronized hand release push-ups 10 Synchronized deadlifts (225lbs/155lbs) 15 Synchronized box jumps (24"/20") ....

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  • 8/4 31 heroes WOD

    8/4 31 heroes WOD

    On August 6, 2011, a tragedy shook the military community and Americans everywhere. In a single instance, America lost 30 military service members, many of whom were members of the Navy SEAL community—and one military K9– when a CH-47 Chinook helicopter, call sign Extortion 17, was downed in Afghanistan. In the wake of the unimaginable tragedy, a mission was born. Following the downing of Extortion 17, a fundraising WOD—hosted at more than 430 gyms around the country with more than 10,000 participants—raised $300,000 over a four-week period to support the 30 families affected. This prompted the organizers to create The 31Heroes Project to remember our fallen ....

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  • 8/3 WOD

    5 rounds of 50 meter waiters carry walk right (53/35) 50 meter waiters carry walk left (53/35) 50 meter waiters carry walk right (53/35) 50 meter waiters carry walk left (53/35) 20 ring push ups 200 meter med ball run (20/14) ....

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  • 8/2 WOD "Rich"

    8/2 WOD "Rich"

    Rich for time 13 squat snatches (155/105lbs) then 10 rounds of -10 pull ups -100 meter sprint then 13 squat cleans ....

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  • 8/1 WOD

    8/1 WOD

    baseline! then 2 Rounds for time: 25 Handstand Push-ups 50 Wall Ball Shots (20lbs/14lbs, 10/9ft ....

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  • 7/31 WOD

    7/31 WOD

    The Workout Every 90 seconds for 30 minutes Interval 1: Row 25/20 calories Interval 2: 25 Swings (53/35) Interval 3: 40 Double Unders + 80 Single Unders Interval 4: Accumulate 30 seconds of an L-sit ....

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  • 7/29 WOD

    7/29 WOD

    The Workout: in teams of 3 Run 200m together Accumulate 150 KB SDHPS Run 200m together Accumulate 300 V ups Run 200m together Accumulate 50 synchronized Burpees to plate Run 200m together ....

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  • 7/28 WOD

    7/28 WOD

    The Workout: 10 rounds of 5 chest to bar pull ups 10 overhead squats (75/55) 20 double unders ....

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  • The Gods vs. The Mortals...of CrossFit

    The Gods VS The Mortals...........of CrossFit
    The Gods VS The Mortals...........of CrossFit
    Have you ever wondered how the games athletes that we all see on social media and on television got that way? I can say that personally when I first saw these men and woman I thought they were insane and in crazy good shape. They all had that perfect body that we all chase and it just seemed like they were able to do anything that was thrown at them (of course that is the point of the CrossFit Games). But how did they get there? How do Rich Froning and Katrin Davidsdottir workout and can I do to look like that?! The answer is simple of course, they do CrossFit. Perfect! So, I will go ....

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  • 7/27 WOD

    7/27 WOD

    The Workout: EMOM 20 minutes Working up in weight Odd- 4 Strict Press Even- 12 Front Rack Lunges (6/leg alternating) ....

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  • 7/26 WOD

    The workout: Running 1) Every 2 minutes for 4 sets Sprint 200 meters 2) Every 2.5 minutes for 3 sets Sprint 300 meters 3) Every 3 minutes for 2 sets Sprint 400 meters INTENDED STIMULUS Run day with a focus on short and hard efforts. Do not pace. ....

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  • 7/25 WOD

    7/25 WOD

    Hero Workout: "Dallas 5" 5 minutes of: Burpees Then, 5 minutes of: 7 deadlifts, 155/105 lb. 7 box jumps, 24/20-in. box Then, 5 minutes of: Turkish get-ups, 40/30-lb. dumbbell Then, 5 minutes of: 7 snatches, 75/55 lb. 7 push-ups Then, 5 minutes of: Rowing (calories) On July 7, 2016, a sniper coordinated an ambush on a group of police officers in Dallas, Texas. Dallas 5 commemorates the five officers who lost their lives in the attack. Dallas Police Officer Patricio “Patrick” Zamarripa, 33, was a member of the force for six years and served active duty with the U.S. Navy for eight years and in the reserves for five. He is ....

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  • Quality over Quantity

    Quality over Quantity

    This week, Coach Mike and I discussed the issue of Quality vs Quantity in regards to workouts at Strong Together Chester CrossFit. "One of the things we've seen recently is people thinking they need to workout more instead of working out better or more intense. The time of your workout doesn't need to be three hours IF you're putting absolute effort into the hour that yo're here. Should I be doing workouts that are long and grueling and super heavy weights? Or should I do workouts that allow me to move a little quicker, a little bit faster, and still challenge myself with different strength aspects? That's what we want you guys to start thinking about... Are you challenging ....

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  • 7/21 WOD

    7/21 WOD

    The Workout: 10 Rounds for reps: 30sec of Burpees 30sec of rest 30sec of DB Push press (45lbs/30lbs DBs/hand) 30sec of rest Thanks to everyone who brought a friend today! and if you didn't... i guess we still love you. ....

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  • 7/20 WOD

    7/20 WOD

    The Workout 5 Rounds 30 Sit-ups 10 Power Cleans (155/105) 300 meter Run Don't forget to BRING A FRIEND to this workout and some running shoes of course! ....

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  • 7/19 WOD

    7/19 WOD

    The Workout: EMOM for 21min: Minute 1: 20/15cal Row Minute 2: 20 Wall ball shots (20lbs/14lbs, 10ft/9ft) Minute 3: rest ....

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  • 7/18 WOD

    7/18 WOD

    HAPPY MONDAY. Tomorrows workout will be 7 sets of 2 hang power snatches along with some handstand skill work. don't forget about bring a friend day this Thursday! ....

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  • How strong is strong enough?

    How strong is strong enough?

    How strong is strong enough? The beauty of this question is that there is no universally correct answer. Your answer is entirely up to you. Obviously, the answer is “as strong as humanly possible” for athletes competing in power lifting, Olympic lifting, and Strongman, and similar sports. The rest of us must weigh our answer and pursuit of PRs against many other worthy goals. At face value, I want every single person that I encounter at Strong Together Chester CrossFit to get stronger (and I fully support them wanting this for themselves). However, there comes a point when pushing your strength training above all else will bring more detriment than good. Any pursuit, in ....

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  • 7/15 Saturday WOD

    7/15 Saturday WOD

    The workout; with a patner Run 200 meters together Accumulate 50 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95) Run 200 meters together Accumulate 40 Shoulder to Overhead (155/105) Run 200 meters together Accumulate 30 Shoulder to Overhead (185/125) Run 200 meters together Accumulate 20 Shoulder to Overhead (205/135) Run 200 meters together Accumulate 10 Shoulder to Overhead (225/145) Run 200 meters together ....

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  • 7/14 WOD

    7/14 WOD

    The Workout; 30 minute team AMRAP partner1 - Row 500m/400m sets pace. partner 2 - max distance DB bear crawl. partner 3 - Max rep plyo skier. patrner 4 - 50 foot med ball crab walk. RKBS with remainder of time. ....

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    This Saturday come hang out with the Chester Crossfit crew at the corner pub on 206 in Flanders! Starting at 7pm we will be eating (healthyish) food, and just having fun. ALL members and challengers are welcome. now here is the workout tomorrow! EMOM for 8 minutes then rest 4 times 5 jerks from split position bar behind head starting with empty bar and building weight until set 4 *lots of gymnastics in the skill section, ring hold, push-ups, and dips. ....

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  • 7/12 WOD "Scotty"

    Scott Deem, 31, of San Antonio, Texas, was killed while responding to a four-alarm structure fire on May 18, 2017. Deem and his fellow firefighters were searching the building for survivors, but after 11 minutes, Deem sounded a Mayday call. Rescuers were unable to locate him in time. Deem served with the San Antonio Fire Department for six years. The department is home to a non-profit CrossFit affiliate, where he worked hard to stay in peak physical health. His favorite workouts included The Chief, DT and Lynne. Deem is survived by his wife, Jennifer; and children, Dakota, Tyler and Aubrey. The Workout; - 11 minute AMRAP of - 5 deadlifts (315/205) - 18 wall balls ....

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  • 7/11 WOD

    A fast and challenging full body workout tomorrow! This WOD should be done in under 15 minutes which leaves us plenty of time for SKILL, the perfect day for anyone who wants some overhead or pull up practice. 29 then 15 then 9 reps of thrusters, pull ups, overhead squats and hand release push ups. Remember that bring a friend day is coming up july 20th! Bring that one friend you know needs some more fitness in their life! And if you're reading this and have never taken a WOD class before, WE"VE GOT PREP. 7/18, 7/20 and 7/25 6:30am and 5:30pm options. See you all in the box! -coach joe ....

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  • 7/10 WOD

    WOD 5x800 meter Run *rest 3 minutes between efforts. **Gymnastics work to be done during rest intervals: -First rest interval: Max Rep Strict Pull-ups -Second rest interval: 2x5 Beat Swing Stops (stop in control after 5th swing) -Third rest interval: 2 Sets of 3 for 1's -Fourth rest interval: 2 Sets of: 2 Swings + 1 Pull-up or Attempt + 2 Swings + 1 Pull-up or Attempt + Stop ....

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  • The dangers of cherry picking workouts

    The dangers of cherry picking workouts

    Unless you’re picking them from a delicious tree you should not be cherry picking. Cherry Picking = The act of only going to workouts that you think are fun and easy, usually due to the fact that you feel you are or you are proficient in that main movement, movements, or repetition scheme. We all want to do a fun workout but the problem is if we only do fun workouts, or workouts that we are good at, we will stop growing and getting better. If we are always avoiding the workouts with back squats we will never get good at them. The goal of CrossFit and what Strong Together does is to make your fitness well rounded. We want you to be good at everything . We want you to be ....

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  • You beta Recognize!

    You beta Recognize! Hello fellow Strong Together family members!!! We're writing to you today to talk about an issue that we don't think gets talked about enough. That issue is recognizing one's accomplishments. One of the many many amazing things about Strong Together Fitness is that we find that athletes come in wanting to simply improve their overall health and improve their quality of life. However, we soon start to see that a lot of members begin to get hungry for more! That extra 5 lbs on the deadlift bar or the ever elusive first pull-up without bands. As time progresses many of us grow and find new goals outside the realm of general health ....

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  • A little bit o' PINEAPPLE info goes a long way!

    The Fighting Pineapple

    Pineapples, a tropic fruit of pure deliciousness. It looks intimidating with is spiky hard exterior but on the inside, it has a heart of sweetness, and wears a crown of envy. But pineapples aren’t just good for Pi ñ a Coladas, though those are just as tasty. First let me lay down some history. Back when Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, or rather on his second voyage in 1493 he dropped anchor in the cove off Guadeloupe. In a deserted village, he found a strange and unique fruit that looked similar to a pinecone but had the inside similar to an apple (now you see where the name came from). He brought it back to ....

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  • When to Train, more or less

    When to Train, more or less

    How much should you train? How many days should you workout? It all depends on you. Less than 2 percent of your week should go to fitness. We highly recommend that you spend 3 days a week in the gym. 3 hours, that's it. About 95 percent of your goals can be reached with proper nutrition and 3 classes a week. If you can only make 2 days, or even one, that is totally fine. Just try and do something somewhere. Maybe a 20 minute walk with your spouse or even a 20 minute yoga session at home. Just log some kind of activity and you will be just fine. Of course keep on proper nutrition. Remember even 1 day a week is exponentially better than NO days a week. What if you have some ....

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  • Lifetime.


    When you first walked through these doors here at Strong Together Chester CrossFit one of your first stops is at the “Core Values and Mission Statement” poster. “To educate people on healthy lifetime changes…” we said to you. Lifetime . Coach Christine here. My story in the smallest nutshell. Volleyball is my jam. I first hurt my back when I was 15. I found CrossFit in 2012. JP made me try it. I cried cause I was awful. I joined a box. CrossFit helps me. I love fitness. Ive been a member at multiple boxes and tried a slew of different programs over the years. Though not too often, I would still struggle with my back from time to ....

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  • Check out this Podcast!

    Be Inspired to Inspire with the Heads n’ Tales Podcast Hello Strong Together Family! Coach Craig here. I thought I would take the time to tell you all about a podcast you may have heard us talk about in our pre-class Announcements. Heads n’ Tales is a podcast started by our dear friend Kevin Saum. During his podcast Kevin bring in athletes who, due to injury or other conditions, faced setbacks or were forced to give up the sports they were doing. In these interviews, the speakers go into detail about how the incident happened, how they first handled it and how they’ve used that incident to make them better or help others today. Some background for you first though. ....

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  • Memorial Day Murph - Come Celebrate Community!

    Good morning Strong Together Chester family and friends. Hope everyone has had a kick ass week so far and is getting ready for the long weekend! I wanted to take some time briefly to talk about Monday . As you're all aware this coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend and Monday Memorial itself. For the past several weeks you have heard my fellow coaches and I remind you of the workout "Murph" happening on Memorial Day Monday . For those of you new to CrossFit this may be your first time hearing about it, while I know many of you veterans are incredibly familiar with it already. In the simplest terms, Murph is for time with a 20#/14# weight vest: 1 mile ....

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  • Accountability is the glue that ties Commitment to Results

    Accountability is the glue that ties Commitment to Results

    100 percent accountability. It is all on us. Everything. Whatever is going good is your fault. Whatever is going bad is your fault. The book Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win is a great read. But I can sum it up for you quickly… You are responsible for everything around you. It is not anyone else’s fault. I repeat it is not anyone else’s fault. If you got stuck in traffic and were late for work? Well sorry, that is your fault for not giving yourself enough time for it. You aren’t where you want to be in work or your personal life? You guessed it, your fault. People have too much of “it’s not my fault” or “I ....

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  • Pelvic Dysfunction and Physical Therapy Seminar with Dr. Colleen Drahos, PT, DPT

    JOIN US!
    Many men and women go undiagnosed and untreated for years because they are embarrassed or have no idea what is going on with their body. Pelvic dysfunction affects about 25% of women from 30-70 years old, but many suffer in silence. Because of this many teenagers and adolescents, even men, go about their lives in pain. But what is Pelvic dysfunction?
    It's the loss of pelvic support due to an injury or stress of the pelvic floor tissue. Your pelvic floor is the deepest core muscle. It's the Core of your Core. These muscles play a major role in core stability and injury prevention. On June 2nd, Dr. Colleen Drahos from Northern Hills Physical Therapy will ....

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  • Strong Together KIDS CAMP

    Strong Together KIDS CAMP


    Looking for something fun, engaging, and beneficial for your kiddos to do this summer?! At the Strong Together Kids Camp your kids will be working hard and having some serious fun for an hour straight! For kids 8-12 years old, Strong Together Kids Camp will provide a fun, energetic, and comfortable setting to learn how to be, and practice being, strong and physically fit. Our coaches will teach safe, yet effective, methods of movements that will help them with coordination, endurance, speed, power and agility. Class will be limited to 15 kids so hurry and call us to register! $50 deposit to reserve spots with the remaining balance and waivers due upon first day. ....

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  • THIS GIRL - Meet Jocelin.

    "Was only supposed to be 3 weeks but I was encouraged by the results to keep going for almost 6 weeks (vacation got in the way of sticking to it strictly right at the end). I'm pleased to say that I ended up down 15.5 lbs overall and loads of body fat gone. I feel better and am having fun. The coaches (especially Trisha Lou Terns and Christine Poole ) couldn't be more supportive and encouraging. And now I'm sticking to a modified version of the plan and keeping up with the workouts ongoing. The diet took a little getting used to, but is totally doable. Good luck to everyone starting now and if you're on the fence, it really does work. Give it a try! (Photo evidence ....

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  • Mother's Day Madness

    Calling all WONDERWOMEN! May 13th and 15th Join us for our FREE Mother's Day Madness Workout!! Bring your Mother, Grandmother, Cousin, Niece, Aunt, Sister, friend or whomever you'd like to get a great workout in! This workout is for ANYONE of all ages, gender, size, and fitness level! It's a fun time no matter what! Give us a call to reserve at (908) 879-0363 or email at: trisha@strongtogetherfitne ss.com Class Times below, please call to reserve our spot! May 13th: 8:30a or 9:30a May 15th: 530a, 630a, 830a, 930a, 430p, 530, 630p, or 730p ....

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  • WOD 4/10

    STRENGTH Reverse Weighted Lunges with Barbell at Deficit 4x6/leg WOD Tabata Air Sq Sit-up ....

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  • WOD 4/6/17

    WOD 5 Rounds 2 mins work/2 mins rest 40 DU 20 WB with remaining time in 2 minutes, Max Calorie Row ....

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  • 4 reason to cut carbs

    4 reason to cut carbs

    Have you ever stopped to wonder what would happen to your body if you stopped eating refined carbs? It’s no secret that refined and processed carbs contribute to weight gain, and so reducing the amount of these in your diet would logically lead to a leaner, fitter you. But is it true, or is it hype? And is it really worth giving up your carboholic ways? Here’s what really goes down when you give up refined carbs… Body Change #1: You BURN FAT
    When you stop eating simple carbs your body no longer has readily available calories to burn, and so it clicks over into burning stored fat as energy. This means that your pants will start feeling looser around your waist and ....

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  • New Post 3/20/17

    Run 400 Meters 15 Box Jump 10 Burpee Pull Up 5 Power Snatch (165/115) GUEST DAYS this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. ....

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    Check out our new website for Strong Together Chester!
    We proudly serve the Chester, Mendham, and Flanders areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Group Training, Crossfit, Nutrition Coaching and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click here to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Google+ Instagram ....

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